Friday, April 9, 2010

Bad News with a little good.

Sorry haven't done much of my blog for a while.....
Today Dad came into me and woke me up telling me he got me a milking cow (I LOVE COWS!) but I had to catch it. Well the real reason was mum's cow died last night and she had a calf so I took in the calf. Anyways... now I have a little pen for her and gave her a name (Missie)
But Missie is only half milking cow her mum (Red) was a milking cow and her dad (Bruce) a beef cow.
Yes so now I have a little calf and a little puppy and two budgies that have been moved from their old cage to their new one!

Yesterday we went to Kadina and had a great day until we got home and found out someone left the cage to the chooks open and we had left the dogs out. So now we only have 1 duck 6 hens and one sick hen and our prize rooster! :C

Oh I am planning to take of pic of Missie soon!

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