Monday, April 5, 2010

A Busy Day

Today I cooked some Shortbread it turned out great! I also cooked some yummy choc chip cookies which are everyone's favourite and they never last long.

The apron that I am wearing is made by my mum and I. The kerchief I am wearing was given to me by my great grandmother.

The Shortbread.

And the Choc-chip cookies.

After my baking I decided to go sheep feeding with dad. (seeming it is lamb season)

When we got to the first paddock we looked around for any mothers unable to give birth. All was good and we went on to feeding them I drove the ute because this was the first time this year we have fed them. Anyway after we fed them we drove around again double checking. We came across a weak lamb that had no mother in sight and he looked weak. We found out he was a twin and the mother sometimes picks a lamb to take with her and the other is left to die. In the end we took him home and gave him his first feed.l Now he is a strong sucker and is doing great! But sometimes they can go bad again. We are all praying that this one makes it.

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