Monday, April 5, 2010

Today dad has started snail baiting because we had 27 points of rain over night and this makes the snails crawl. Dad and my big brother work on the snail baiting, dad drives and Sean (my big brother) puts the bags of bait into the spreader.

We are quite exited that we have had some rain for now we are heading into winter and we are all sick of summer with its unpleasant hot days, and who could forget the pesky flies.

In our family there are seven people there is Dad (Paul) Mum (Delvene) Sean (17) Elena (13) Myself (12) Lydon (10 soon to be 11) and Baden (8) we also have lots of pets. We have 2 dogs Elly (mother dog) Andy (father dog) then there is 5 pups 2 girls and 3 boys. One of the boys is my little puppy his name is Tiny because he is the runt.
Then we have the cats we have 5 first we have tomdee (Lydon's cat) then Larry (everyone's cat) then there is Roxy (Elena's cat) then cute Tedros (also meaning theodore) (Mum and Dad's cat) and last Bella (Sean's cat) she is only a kitten.
We also have a pet sheep his name is Parsnip (he is really old) and somehow he had a lamb not really well long story short a little girl lamb found our sheep and called it her daddy. Oh going off subject that little lamb I told you about died over the night... anyways
We also have 2 budgies one boy and one unknown. The boy is Joie or J bird (dad says) and the other one if a girl Rainbow if a boy Aussie.
We have a Bearded dragon (Lydon's pet lizard Spike)(a girl)
Then the turltes Murlte and Gurlte ( I have no idea how we are ment to tell them apart)
Then the Gunia Pigs we have Sparkle ( She is pregnant) then Ruby (also pregnant) then Rino ( the daddy) and last Ben (Sparkle's son)
Then we have chooks 7 sussex hens and 1 rooster. A trio of bantams and 2 female ducks.

But after all that we have about 20 cows and 3000 sheep or more but those are the farm animals.

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